iPAQPanel System Monitor for Mobile

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About iPAQPanel System Monitor for Mobile

iPAQPanel is a PocketPC 2002 animated Today Screen Plug-in that displays battery power, memory availability, and storage availability. Features: Standard or Compact viewing mode. Wi-Fi monitoring. Displays a small icon in the title bar to show and monitor network activity. Voice announcements of current battery status. Separate voice packs can be added to give more voice options. Charging and power status of both the main battery and external battery (if attached) in either percent, or hours and minutes of running time since last charge. Program memory status. Shows amount of program memory available in either MB or percent. Storage memory status. Shows amount of storage memory available in either Mb or percent. Compact Flash or SD memory status. If a Compact Flash or SD card is inserted, storage will be displayed in either MB or percent. Trash Collector. iPAQPanel will periodically scan the storage on your device (including any CF or SD cards) and remove temporary data that is not needed anymore by your device. Version 4.0 is now compatible with H5550/H5555 iPAQs running PocketPC 2003.

System Information
OS Mobile
Language English
License & Price Free to try
Developer RhinoCode
Official website www.rhinocode.com

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