Livecontacts Localizer for Symbian for Mobile

About Livecontacts Localizer for Symbian for Mobile

GSM Tracker software to transform your GSM into a GPS device. Know where you are. Share your location along the way. Stay connected with people you care about. Livecontacts is the first GPS enabled service that brings you an array of features you can not find anywhere else. GPS-enabled maps, directions, and points of interest. Let your friends and family know where you are. Livecontacts allows you to pinpoint your location and find out who's nearby. You can also share your location with trusted people, view your location history on an interactive map, manage your address book, or have information on your contact's whereabouts in maps available. Using the associated web site, you can allow other users to view your location on the Internet.

System Information
OS Mobile
Language English
License & Price Free
Developer Web Integration
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