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About WebToGo SMS/Phone for Mobile

Are you tired of composing SMS on a numerical keypad and fed up with storage restrictions and tiny screens? Are you longing to Copy & Paste SMS text from other applications and to dial or send from your PDA Contacts? Or are you looking to finally put you Bluetooth headset to good use? Turn your PDA into a smart phone. WebToGo SMS/Phone works with a Pocket PC in conjunction with a modem card or mobile phone. Soon it will also support Smartphones. Using WebToGo SMS/Phone on your Pocket PC has many advantages: support for long SMS messages, unlimited characters, support for multiple SMS recipients, use your Pocket PC to extract and send SMS from your phone (full support for Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson GSM phones), turn your PDA into a phone with a GSM/GPRS CF modem card, leave your phone in your bag with a Bluetooth phone and headset, and call from your Pocket PC address book.

System Information
OS Mobile
Language English
License & Price Free to try
Developer WebToGo Mobiles Internet
Official website www.webtogo.de

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