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On school and company networks--block MSN Messenger, block Yahoo Messenger, block Web Messengers, block bitComet, block LimeWire, block iMesh, block chat, block Skype, block MySpace and block casino web sites. TerminatorX now has 220+ pre-set Web sites and applications can be blocked using a tick list. Sections now include file sharing, messengers and chat, auction sites, Web mail, Internet phones, key logging and stealth programs, pornography sites, warez sites, downloads, and casino sites. TerminatorX is easy to update with new applications and Web sites as they become a nuisance. Different users and groups of users can be given different banned lists. You can monitor attempts to access banned Web sites and applications by any user, anywhere on the network. You can do this in real time using TerminatorX Monitor on a remote Network Administrator's computer. Details can be saved in a log file in a spreadsheet readable format (CSV).

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OS Windows: 8 / Vista / XP / NT / 10 / 7
Language English
License & Price Free to try
Developer Warren Software
Official website www.plevna.f9.co.uk

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