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About SimCardExplorer

SimCardExplorer is a software dedicated to manage the data of your SIM card. It will allow you to manage your different phonebooks (main phonebook, baby-sitter, last number called), edit, delete or, in some cases, recover deleted SMS, and display and modify most of the files of your SIM card. A wrong alteration of a file may cause your SIM card to be out of use. Be sure to use this function carefully. Main characteristics are reading/updating SIM card directories, managing SMS filed on the card, possible recovery of some deleted SMS, activation/inactivation of PIN codes 1 and 2,Unlocking PIN1 and PIN2 via PUK1 and PUK2, displaying services table showing some of the SIM card functions, displaying SIMcard standard files, reading/Uptading SIMcard files when security settings allow it, and three languages interface: english, french and spanish. Version 1.1.2 includes unspecified updates.

System Information
OS Windows: Vista / XP / 10 / 7 / 8
Language English
License & Price Free
Developer Viguer
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