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About RogueScanner

RogueScanner is an open source vulnerability management tool that is used to gain greater network visibility. This enables you to quickly identify and remove rogue wireless devices that may provide back door access to your critical data and infrastructure. Considering that rogue access points and peers represent a major threat to data integrity, RogueScanner is a valuable tool that you can start using today. RogueScanner is free and open source, and is licensed under the GPL. RogueScanner relies on a unique Collaborative Device Classification system to automatically lookup and identify the device type and device's identity in real time. The more people download the tool, the better the tool becomes. This is because device classification decisions are made by a secure central server which learns based on previous classifications that it has performed. Version 2.6 include gsoapWinInet plugin for WIN32 GUI, branding updates.

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OS Windows: XP / 10 / 7 / 8
Language English
License & Price Free
Developer Paglo Labs
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