LightScribe Diagnostics Utility

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About LightScribe Diagnostics Utility

LightScribe's technology burns customized labels directly onto specially treated DVDs and CDs. To use it, you must have a LightScribe-enabled disk burner. LightScribe Diagnostics Utility is a free tool that can check your system's LightScribe compatibility as well as its readiness to run the software without problems. It also scans for conflicts, suggesting changes that you can accept, reject, or modify. After you've checked out whether your system is ready to run LightScribe, you can uninstall the diagnostic tool or keep it in case you make any hardware or software changes. If you're not sure your disk burner supports LightScribe, simply download and run this diagnostic tool to find out. If LightScribe should be enabled but isn't, it can help you sort out any conflicts or problems.

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