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Kinberlink network messaging solution is a compliment to any home/office. For simple point and click text messaging, Kinberlink is a must. Unlike all the others Kinberlink does not bog you down with tons of settings and crazy servers to log onto. Kinberlink simply allows you to message back and forth between people on your home/office network, without disturbing them while they are in meetings or on the phone. Its the perfect companion to any home or office environment. Kinberlink was built on the KISS premise. 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. When you want to send someone a message you open Kinberlink, type and click send. When you receive a message it pops up right in front of you. Kinberlink also knows how busy (lazy) we are too, so it offers a whole bunch of one-click responses like: 'I'm busy!', 'No Thanks', and 'In 2 minutes..'. Kinberlink even offers you a way to add your own custom messages! Finally the best part of Kinberlink is that you can change the way it looks! Every skin gives Kinberlink a new fresh look. Kinberlink even has skins that move and make cool sounds. You can even make your own.. the possibilities are endless.

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