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Get ready to become very good, very quickly. Ever wished you were good enough to play 'that' solo, or 'that' song, but you know it is beyond you? Sometimes to become a better guitarist, and be able to play the songs we want to be able to play, we have to go back to basics, and learn the individual elements that make up a guitarist. And the best way to get there, is to drill through technique exercises that will physically improve each area of your playing, and you as a guitarist, as a whole. The problem is, this can start to feel very repetitive, especially after years of guitar playing, which can often lead to your guitar gathering dust. Some people don't even pick their guitar up because the thought of playing guitar seems more like "work" rather than fun. Not to mention how difficult it can be to find good exerices to begin with, and to browse them all easily. It can all be a bit much. Not any more. Guitar Methods: Finger Trainer has been developed to solve this problem with fantastic success. From the creators of 10,000+ selling Guitar Methods: Lead Guitar Techniques and top ranked shredding site Shred Academy, we bring you the latest and best software for mastering that guitar and bringing a whole new lease of life to your favourite instrument. Get instant results with over 100 exercises built in (add up to 200 more later if desired) ready to play along with, all in 1 place, with simple navigation at the click of a button. Use the Warming Up exercises to prepare your fingers for practice - something you should do before every practice session. Refresh your guitar basics by learning the most useful Chords and Scales which are essential to any guitarist. Now - what next? It's up to you. Choose from Bending exercises, Alternate Picking, String Skipping, Legato, Tapping, perhaps the most difficult and desired technique of all - Sweep Picking, and something that most teaching neglects - Combinations of multiple techniques so you can learn to apply them in real life away from the training ground.

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