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Groove Drum Trainer is an innovative interactive software for learning drumming, improving accuracy and drumming analysis. A really useful tool for any drummer, whether experienced or beginner, to enable continuous drumming accuracy development. - DGT Training Program will guide the user through more than 400 grooves for all levels and styles. A workout that alternates between different training modes and grooves which advances the player through levels according to user ratings and scores. - DGTs Groove Practice, scores the users playing according to the timing and accuracy of each groove note played. - Inner Time mode is ideal for the development of time without the help and the constant hammering of a metronome. - Independence mode is a practice mode with infinite possibilities, in the style of "New Breed" by Gary Chester. The user will develop independence, coordination, concentration, reading and creativity. . . - Arcade Training gives the opportunity to play a game testing the users level of accuracy, while passing increasing groove levels screens along Drum Groove Trainers database and practice modes. When a screen is not successful the game ends and if the score is really good it can be uploaded to Drum Groove Trainer Online. - Drum Groove Trainer provides complete analysis tools,statistics and charts, like groove average, best and worse components, best and worse notes played, time trends, time charts, standard notes deviation, independence patterns and many more. - You can create and save your own grooves easily to practice, develop and analyze your grooving and timing or combine it with independence patterns. The possibilities are endless, the limit is up to you. - The HitMeter is an extra tool to count drum strokes. You can train single or double strokes in the way of the Worlds Fastest Drummers competition. HitMeter allows to set any pad to count strokes, so you can train with your hands or feet. Also "HitMeter Battle" is a fun way to compete against another drummer.

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Developer LumBeat
Official website www.drumgroovetrainer.com

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