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DiskDeleter ZW Floppy will delete hard disk data on your computer to protect your personal information when you want to sell your computer, when you want to discard your computer, or when you want to return a computer to your employer. DiskDeleter ZW Floppy functions: view each byte of disk contents, securely delete hard disk data with Zero Write, reformat disk, save report on each of deleted disk (ability to check the delete report by booting from the disk), confirm the delete result by comparing disk contents of before delete and after delete, and easy to use wizard interface. After erasing hard drive data by DiskDeleter ZW Floppy, the data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software. After downloading the module, it will create a DiskDeleter ZW floppy. To delete your hard disk data insert the floppy to the computer; boot from the floppy (DiskDeleter runs automatically); and follow the DiskDeleter Wizard.

System Information
OS Windows: 8 / XP / NT / 10 / 7
Language English
License & Price Free
Developer BluestSoft
Official website www.bluestsoft.com

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