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Have you ever needed to give files to a friend, or take file home from work, only to find they are too large to fit onto a floppy disk? You could use your favorite zip program which spans disks, but this may not be appropriate. Perhaps the files are mp3s which are already highly compressed to begin with. Perhaps you wish to split the files up to email because your ISP does not allow sending large attachments. Or maybe you are splitting large log files, and you want to make sure each piece can be viewed easily without decompression. . . Dariolius is perfect for these situations. You can choose to split files according to different criteria. You have full control of how you wish to split your files. The program doesn't require you to "show it the disc" to prove you need to split the file like many other programs do. Dariolius can be set up and run unattended, and you can choose to recombine the files using either a DOS batch file or a merger program, depending on your needs.

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OS Windows: 8 / XP / NT / 10 / 7
Language English
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Developer KanastaCorp
Official website www.kanastacorp.com

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