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Free cell phone tracking and vehicle tracking using Android devices are some of the possibilities offered by iTracker Free. Cell phone tracking is the simplest way to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones, with iTracker Free you do this by tracking by mobile Android or site http://www.itrackerfree.net FEATURES:- Security for your vehicle, your family, your girlfriend or your cell phone; - Sync via Wifi or mobile internet;- Your mobile phone can view the geographical position of many devices;- You can also share your position with friends and family; - Track a cell phone; - Vehicles tracking; - Tracker the family; - Track the girlfriend or boyfriend.MODE OF OPERATION: - The synchronization of the location is done via Wifi or mobile internet between devices that are installed with the iTracker Free. - The process consists of sending the coordinates to an online database each time interval that you define, and the unit authorized to receive the location can view the geographical position of how many devices you want to register. - You should enabled GPS in devices that will be tracked.IMPORTANT Cell with more than one chip has an IMEI for each chip slot, if DUAL CHIP will be 2 IMEI if TRI CHIP will be 3 IMEI, in these cases when you want to tracking a device with multiple chips should make a record for each IMEI, because the standard IMEI can switch. All IMEI of device can be found by typing *#06#Content rating: Medium Maturity

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OS Android
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License & Price Free
Official website www.itrackerfree.net

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