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Box Monitor
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About Box Monitor

From the developer: "Want to know if a server or network device is online and running at peak performance, or ensure uptime and keep e-store profits, then this is for you. Box Monitor is a useful Network-Device-Monitor program with an intuitive interface. This tool is able to check specified service-ports on remote network devices, like HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, TELNET, VNC, ROUTER, etc. Box Monitor is fast and rugged, will check up to 20 devices in 1 sweep and has a lot of features that make it friendly to use, like easy updating of server info, server-list print out, systray icon, E-mail notification if a monitored device fails, audio alert on device failure, execute external file on device failure, log device failures to txt file on HD, screen log of server problems, print logfile, time based autocheck, load on system startup, scheduled sleep-mode for preventing error messages during daily backup or reboot etc., use last known autocheck value and start scanning on program launch, it has a build in portscanner + ping tool and much much more."

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OS Windows: 8 / XP / NT / 10 / 7
Language English
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Developer Boxware
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