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About AudioID for Skype

Lets Skype Announce Who's Calling Call from Kristy. Outside at the pool, watching TV in the living room, washing dishes. Never miss a Skype call again. With AudioID, Skype will announce all incoming calls so you can decide to take them (or not) In the living room watching TV. You can hear the Skype call announced through your speakers or any audio output device you'd like. Then if you want to take it, no need to budge from the couch. Answer the call with a Voice Command with Speakables for Skype or just by pressing a Hotkey (keyboard shortcut) on your NControl or (wireless) keyboard with AudioSwitch/SpeedDial for Skype (coming soon) Want to switch to your wireless headset to take the call Use AudioSwitch/SpeedDial for Skype and switch to your headset, speaker phone, or any audio device instantly with a Hotkey or Voice Command.

System Information
OS Windows: XP / 10 / 7 / 8
Language English
License & Price Free
Developer NHANDZ
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