3jam Reply-All Text Messaging (BlackBerry) for Mobile

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About 3jam Reply-All Text Messaging (BlackBerry) for Mobile

3jam enables free text messaging from the web and enables multi-party text message conversations. 3jam makes it fun and easy to coordinate and connect with people from any mobile phone using any carrier, all for the price of a regular text message. Using SMS, 3jam enables users to start a group text conversation instantly with any number of friends they choose, all at once, without requiring the recipients to sign up for the service. However, signing up is free, and no subscription or download is required. Anyone who can send a text message can 3jam because messages sent using 3jam are just regular text messages. 3jam charges consumers nothing to use the service - there are no subscription fees and no extra charges on wireless bills.

System Information
OS Mobile
Language English
License & Price Free
Developer 3jam
Official website www.3jam.com

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